Keynote speaker: Alan Marsden

From the fundamental mathematics of sound to a wide variety of high-level theoretical and compositional systems, mathematics has frequently shown itself to be a compelling, fruitful, and provocative discipline from which to approach the study of music.  This one-day conference aims to bring together scholars whose work takes inspiration from both fields and present a snapshot of the different ways that the affinities between music and mathematics are being explored today.

The musical fields represented on the day include music theory, analysis, composition, philosophy, psychology, and historical musicology; the repertoire covered ranges from Dowland to Schoenberg to Babbitt and beyond; and the mathematical tools on display range from group theory, graph theory, number theory and geometry to computation and statistics.  For more information, please see the programme page, where abstracts for all the presentations can also be downloaded.

Please do not hesitate to email Daniel Holden (D[dot]Holden[at]leeds[dot]ac[dot]uk) if you have any enquiries.


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